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A local anchorwoman wants to sit down and talk with me about a documentary she is planning but I don't have all the details about this yet.  Stay tuned!

10/1/09 to 11/1/09
Exhibit at Bartlett Performing Arts Center. My DVD will be playing at the exhibit and I will attend the opening night reception. As a lead-in to the exhibit, we will appear on Live at 9, a local TV show on CBS. My DVD will be played on television and my art teacher will be there with some of my paintings to talk about me and my work. This will be on September 29 or 30, 2009...... just before the exhibit.

3/1/09 to 4/1/09

Exhibit in Botanic Garden in Memphis, Tennessee. The DVD that I recently made about myself and the MFPA was shown at the exhibit. There was much local publicity. A large article appeared in the Commercial Appeal, the Memphis newspaper. An article also appeared in the Memphis Business Journal.

February, 2009
Twelve minute DVD produced telling about myself, the MFPA and showing myself actually painting with the help of my assistant.

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